Athens Club


Some 148 years ago, back in 1875, in Athens, the capital of the newly established Greek state with only 50,000 inhabitants but with a remarkable society which began to form during the first Othonic years, from the most renowned Fighters of the 1821 Greek Revolution and the rich Greeks from abroad who came and settled in Athens, twenty members of this elite society that had lived and studied abroad, decided to create an exclusive Club for men along the lines of the English Clubs, whose purpose would be the entertainment of its Members and the dissemination of sports.

Thus, the "Athens Club" came to be and on 5 December 1875, its founding members elected its first Board, chaired by Paul Kalligas, University Professor, Minister and Governor of the National Bank of Greece.

The Kings of Greece have been Honorary Presidents of the Club.

Since it was established, a lot has changed both in Greece and around the world.

The Club has always sought to adapt itself to the new demands of life, always with respect to the principles and traditions inherited from the past, something that contributed decisively in maintaining the excellent and special position currently held as a special Foundation of social and cultural character unique not only in the Athenian but the whole of Greek society, which goes beyond the conventional boundaries of a usual Club.


The tradition of the Athens Club, since its first years until today, dictates strict procedures for the selection of its members, which naturally restricted their number.

It started with 200 members, and today, according to its Statute, accepts a maximum number of 1,000.
The personalities who became its first members were the main reason why it attracted the interest of the then Athenian society, which right from the start, surrounded it with trust and respect and established it as a social and intellectual center of a special brilliance.

In its long history, we find among its members, 29 Prime Ministers, Ministers, Senior Government Officials, foreign Ambassadors, University Professors, academics, leading scholars and personalities of the Arts, Finance and Industry.